Welcome to the AJ Generator Wiki!Edit

Welcome and here you'll find ways for free items and more! We give to spares non-members member's and new jammers! Come and see our wiki you'll become rare in no time!


  1. Do you actually take accounts?

Answer : This is a frequently asked question but no we don't we are good jammers.

2. Do you get the items?

Answer : This is also usually asked, yes you do as we have spares with all our items on them :)

3. Am I going to get hacked?

Answer : Again this is frequently asked, no you won't get hacked.

Hope these answered most of your questions :3

Stuff Holder Accounts!Edit

We are doing this so if you are thinking you are going to get scammed get ready to report just in-case. ( You Won't This is just for proof )

  1. llovvenike ( Our Main Spare )
  2. 134a
  3. lovleytigera

That's all our spares! Here's a few mains :P

  1. Rainbowpearl10
  2. Sparkletingle
  3. yeetsquad4lyfe

That's all our main's in-case you need to have a meeting about this wiki.

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